Egypt’s latest Corian Prices For 2024

Corian prices in the world of modern construction and decoration, corian is considered one of the most important materials used to beautify and develop internal and external spaces as an artificial alternative to natural marble. This material is characterized by its high durability and resistance to various weather and thermal effects. There are many different shapes of Corian and other features that make it an ideal choice for applications.

We have dedicated this article to serving as a comprehensive guide to learning about the prices of corian in Egypt, the most prominent factors affecting it, the benefits it provides, and whether there are any disadvantages to corian, as well as the available forms and the best companies to rely on in this regard. Just follow us until the end.

Features of Corian

Corian is characterized by providing many benefits that enhance its usability, which is important to know before we display the prices of Corian in Egypt, including:

  • There are many different variations of Corian available in colors and finishes to suit various interior design styles.
  • It is flexible in shaping, allowing for the creation of unique and customized designs.
  • Corian is characterized by durability and superior resistance to scratches and high temperatures.
  • Corian has a smooth surface that prevents the absorption of liquids and stains, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is used in a wide range of applications, such as kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, offices, and hospitals.

Briefly, using corian offers a range of advantages, from its aesthetic appearance to durability, ease of cleaning, and integrated design, making it a popular choice in interior design and decor.

What are the disadvantages of Corian?

Despite the many advantages and benefits that using corian provides, there are some possible minor disadvantages of corian that must be taken into consideration, so it is important to know them before addressing the issue of corian prices in Egypt, which are:

  • Although resistant to high temperatures, it is not well suited for use directly near heat sources to avoid damage and deformation.
  • Corian prices in Egypt may be relatively higher than some other similar materials, such as Formica or regular tiles.

Corian shapes

Corian comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, designs, and colors, which may influence the difference in Corian prices in Egypt in order to cater to different tastes and meet all customer needs. Corian shapes can be classified as follows:

  • Thickness

There are many shapes of corian in the form of boards of different thicknesses, such as 6 mm, 13 mm, and 19 mm. For example, 6 mm thick boards are used in vertical coverings, while 13 mm thick boards are suitable for use on horizontal surfaces, and 19 mm thick boards are used in areas that need high resistance to friction.

  • Colors

Corian products are available in multiple colors, including cream, white, gray, black, beige, brown, blue and green colors, and other colors in different shades to suit different general design needs.

  • Designs

It is available in a wide range of different designs and engravings to be suitable for use in various applications according to the customer’s specific tastes.

Briefly, corian is available in many shapes, whether in color, design, or thickness. Of course, these matters may affect the prices of corian in Egypt.

Corian prices in Egypt

Corian prices in Egypt range between 3,000 and 6,000 Egyptian pounds. This is up to the date of writing this article, and it is worth noting that the price of a Corian meter varies greatly based on several factors that lead to the price rising or falling accordingly.

The most important factors determining the price of a Corian meter include the following:

  • Trade mark

Brand differences may have a significant impact on corian prices in Egypt. For example, brands with a more famous reputation may have a higher price because they guarantee the provision of products of superior quality.

  • Suppliers

There are many companies that supply Corian products in Egypt, so each company follows its own and individual pricing policies, and therefore you may find differences in prices between them even if they are the same brand.

  • Quality and specifications

Corian is available in a variety of specifications and qualities, which affects the final price, as some colors, special finishes, and complex designs may be more expensive.

  • Sizes and designs

Corian prices in Egypt depend greatly on the required sizes and designs, as some complex designs and large pieces may require an additional cost.

  • Supply and demand situation

The supply and demand situation plays a major role in Corian prices in Egypt, as sometimes there may be offers or discounts from some suppliers.

These factors may change over time, so if you want to check corian prices in Egypt accurately, it is preferable to contact one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market directly.

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Is Corian artificial marble?

Yes, corian is one of the types of artificial marble that is made from basic composite materials such as acrylic, aluminum, and some other chemicals that enhance its durability and hardness so that it is suitable for multiple uses and has a long lifespan.

What are the advantages of Corian?

Corian has many advantages, including its light weight, hardness, resistance to corrosion and moisture, and smooth, non-porous surface, which makes it easy to clean and resistant to bacteria and fungi.

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