Price of HPL Partitions

Price of HPL Partitionsa with growing interest in interior design, partitions made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) sheets are a popular and dependable option for improving both the beauty and functionality of décor. These partitions stand out for their strength and durability, and they come in a variety of shapes and colors, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. How much do HPL partitions cost?

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of HPL partition prices, the factors that affect them, and how to choose the right HPL partitions, among other relevant topics. Continue reading for more details.

Price of HPL partitions

The price of HPL partitions ranges between 2000 and 4500 Egyptian pounds. This price may fluctuate, increasing or decreasing, depending on a number of factors, which we will discuss later.

If you require precise pricing for HPL partitions based on your specific requirements, please contact Al-Marina Company.

How to Choose HPL Partitions

When selecting HPL partitions, you should consider several factors to ensure that the partitions meet the needs and expectations of your project, including:

  • Quality and Durability

Make sure to choose high-quality and durable HPL partitions, as these characteristics have a significant impact on the partitions’ lifespan and resistance to damage and wear.

  • Specifications and Standards

Verify the partition specifications based on your project’s needs, such as size, thickness, color, surface finishes, and overall design.

  • Aesthetic Appearance

Choose a partition design that complements the overall interior decor of the place, enhancing its beauty, and ensure that the colors and patterns match the style and color of the furniture and decor in the surrounding environment.

  • Price of HPL Partitions

Determine a suitable budget for purchasing HPL partitions and look for options that offer the best quality and service for the price of the partitions provided, considering the total cost of installation and maintenance

  • Installation and Maintenance

Check the requirements for both HPL partition installation and maintenance to ensure smooth execution later, and make sure they do not necessitate costly periodic maintenance, which could increase the long-term cost of the partitions.

In conclusion, it is essential to consider the points mentioned above to ensure that you obtain partitions that effectively meet your project requirements. Your choice should not be limited only to the price of HPL partitions, but also to the quality and value provided for that price.

How Does the Quality of HPL Partitions Affect the Price?

The quality of HPL partitions significantly impacts the price, as high-quality pieces are usually more expensive than those of lower quality. Here are some factors that influence the quality of HPL partitions and, consequently, the price:

  • Material Components: Using high-quality materials in partition manufacturing results in higher-quality, longer-lasting finished products. Manufacturers usually use high-quality raw materials like resins, fiberglass, and melamine-enriched paper.
  • Manufacturing Process: The manufacturing process plays a crucial role in partition quality. Advanced manufacturing processes like high-pressure pressing and compression molding ensure high quality and precision in detail.
  • Wear Resistance: High-quality partitions are generally wear-resistant due to the use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes. This adds value to the product and leads to a higher price compared to low-quality partitions.
  • Finish and Details: High-quality partitions often come with perfect finishes and fine details, enhancing the product’s aesthetics and increasing its value.
  • Warranty and Support: Offering long warranties and excellent after-sales service is a sign of high quality and enhances the product’s value, which can also affect the price.

Overall, choosing high-quality HPL partitions enhances their performance and extends their lifespan due to both durability and optimal performance, even if the price of HPL partitions is slightly higher.Factors affecting determining the price of HPL partitions

Several factors influence the price of HPL partitions:

as explained below:

  1. The quality of the raw materials used to manufacture partitions. As we have previously discussed, quality comes at a higher cost.
  2. The partitions’ thickness: the thicker the partitions, the more costly they are.
  3. The dimensions and size of the partitions required for your project.
  4. style of finishing and design. For example, choosing complex designs or special finishes may result in a higher cost for partitions.
  5. The quantity of cutters required; ordering in large quantities may result in a reduction in the price of HPL cutters.
  6. A partition manufacturer and supplier. The more experience and good reputation a company has, the higher the quality and reliability of its products, which may be more expensive than those of unknown companies.

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If you need precise pricing for HPL partitions tailored to your specific needs, contact Al-Marina Company. They are a leading supplier of Compact HPL, with extensive experience in the field and a commitment to providing the best competitive prices.


What features make HPL partitions an effective choice?

There are many features that make HPL partitions an effective option, the most important of which are: Its durability and hardness, which enhances its lifespan, ease of installation and maintenance procedures, which saves time, effort and costs in the long run.

Are HPL partitions moisture resistant?

Yes. Of course, HPL partitions have properties that make them well resistant to moisture and water, as their outer layer consists of resin that protects them from absorbing water and thus enhances their cohesion and durability


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