HPL Panels Prices In Egypt 2024

HPL panels prices in Egypt among the rapid and significant advances in the field of finishing and decor, HPL panels have become the latest and most popular materials used in decoration. They offer a unique blend of durability, beauty, and flexibility, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. However, some might be concerned about the potential high costs of HPL panels, leading to many inquiries about this issue.

Diving into the world of HPL panels, this article explores their average prices in Egypt (2024), popular applications, and the key factors affecting their cost. Read on for detailed information.

HPL Panels 

Before exploring the topic of HPL panel costs in Egypt, it is essential to understand HPL, which stands for High Pressure Laminate and is also referred to as compact laminate. Melamine resin and wood fibers are combined and heated under high pressure in order to create these panels. Strength, durability, flexibility, and scratch resistance are just a few of the qualities this technique provides to them, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Al-Marina Company, a specialist in this field, ensures a broad range of HPL panels in various colors and designs to suit different tastes.

Uses of HPL Panels

HPL panels are used in a variety of applications due to their unique features, which we will mention before explaining the prices of HPL panels in Egypt. Among the most prominent applications are:

  • Bathroom partitions.
  • Bathroom doors.
  • Urinal dividers.
  • Trash bins used in restaurants.
  • Tabletops and desks.
  • Shop fittings.
  • Wall and wall cladding.
  • Suspended ceilings.

In short, regardless of price, HPL panels are an excellent solution for a wide range of applications across industries due to their powerful and adaptable qualities that match both performance and decorative beauty requirements.

Why is HPL the Best?

Several factors make HPL panels an excellent choice and possibly the best for many applications, which certainly influences HPL panel costs in Egypt. The main reasons HPL is considered the best include:

  • It is strong and resilient, making it very resistant to external impacts such as scratches, corrosion, and shocks.
  • Its melamine resin component makes it resistant to high heat and UV light up to 140 degrees Celsius.
  • It is easy to clean; for example, it can be cleaned using only a cloth soaked with water and soap, without the need for complex cleaning materials.
  • HPL is highly moisture-resistant, able to resist water, rain, and steam.
  • It is fingerprint-resistant due to its plastic coating that protects it from fingerprints and other external factors.
  • Available in a variety of hpl colors and designs, so you can find the perfect match for your decor.
  • HPL panels are manufactured with technologies that ensure color longevity over time, making them a sustainable and long-lasting choice.

Generally, HPL panels combine beauty and high performance, making them the preferred choice for a wide range of applications, including interior design for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and exterior design for building facades and fences.

Prices of HPL Panels in Egypt

The prices of HPL panels in Egypt range from 150 to 700 Egyptian pounds per square meter. This variation depends on a few things we’ll explore further on (like exchange rates), but keep reading to get a better picture of HPL panel costs in Egypt.

Factors Determining the Prices of HPL in Egypt

The pricing of HPL panels in Egypt varies depending on a number of criteria, all of which should be considered when selecting HPL panels to ensure long-lasting results. The primary factors influencing the prices of HPL in Egypt are:

  • The quality of the raw materials used in panels manufacturing, where higher quality often leads to higher prices.
  • The type and design of the HPL panels.
  • Factors influencing Egyptian market demand and supply.
  • Differences in providing companies experience, which affects the quality and reliability of their products and services.
  • Additional costs such as transportation, shipping, and installation.
  • The volume and quantity of panels required, as larger quantities may offer better pricing options.

All these factors and others may influence the prices of HPL panels in Egypt, so they should be carefully considered when installing HPL if you seek quality that lasts as long as possible.

Now, if you are interested in inquiring about the prices of HPL panels in Egypt, you can contact Al-Marina Company. They’re a leading supplier of compact HPL with a long history of successful projects, as satisfied customers can prove. Don’t wait – call now.


What are the disadvantages of HPL wood?

While the material itself is good, it requires specialized installation and may not suit all design tastes.

What is the difference between Formica and HPL?

There's a common misconception that Formica and HPL are distinct materials. In reality, HPL stands for High-Pressure Laminate, which describes the type of panel itself. These panels are known for their water, humidity, and heat resistance. Formica is simply a brand name for one of the companies that manufactures HPL panels and similar products.

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